Two successful Self-Supply sessions at the World Water Week 2021

Hosted and organised by SIWI (Stockholm International Water Institute), the World Water Week 2021 took place entirely online this year. From August 23rd – 27th, many amazing sessions were held within the theme of Building Resilience Faster.

These included two sessions focused on Self-Supply, organised by Ask for Water, IWMI, IRCWASH, MetaMeta, RWSN, SIWI, SMART Centre Group, Skat Foundation, University of Technology Sydney, and WaterAid.

Both sessions were a success. Participants learned about the Self-Supply experiences in multiple countries and had the chance to share their questions and reflections with the panel and the other participants. This format resulted in very lively discussions.

In each session, participants were asked to participate in a wordcloud poll, by submitting their answers to the questions. The results were very interesting!

Another highlight of the sessions was Kerstin Danert’s interview with Sally Sutton:

Missed a Self-Supply session? Do not worry. You can watch the recordings, access the chat and download all of the related files via the links below: