How the meet-up to celebrate the 5 years of the Swiss Junior Water Prize went

On August 24th, winners and supporters of the Swiss Junior Water Prize (Swiss-JWP) came together to celebrate the 5 years of the programme. The gathering took place in Willisau, Luzern, and was organised by the Swiss Water Partnership and the Swiss Toilet Organisation.

Together, partipants watched the 25th award ceremony of the Stockholm Junior Water Prize, which was broadcasted during the Stockholm World Water Week. Afterwards, the winners of the past Swiss-JWP editions, Anna Lena Klein (2017), Laura Bauer (2018), Zamir Borojevic (2019) and Jeanne Käser (2021), updated the guests on what has happened after they won the prize. It was interesting to learn more about their study and career paths, and to hear how some of the projects have been continued.

The presentations were followed by engaging discussions, which highlighted the need to:

  • Increase the reach of the Swiss-JWP;
  • Build a network of Swiss-JWP participants and supporters;
  • Follow and support the trajectory of Swiss-JWP participants over time;
  • Foster the intergenerational exchange on water issues;
  • Bridge the gap between Swiss-JWP participants and the water sector;
  • Obtain seed funding for the piloting of ideas and scaling up of projects;
  • Foster a team spirit for tackling water challenges and projects.

The gathering was closed with an Apéro, which enabled participants to chat informally and to get to know each other better. We took this opportunity to get a few more insights from the Swiss-JWP winners, check them out:

For more information and an overview of the 5 Swiss-JWP winning projects, click here. Stay tuned for news by following the Swiss-JWP social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.