Reconstruction of two health centres in Ukraine

The destroyed health centre in the municipality of Dmytrivka (© AUAAC, 29.04.2022). The World Health Organisation (WHO) has documented more than 200 health care facilities damaged or destroyed since the war started.

Dmytriwka and Hostomel are two municipalities in the vicinity of Kyiv. In March and April 2022, they were besieged and much of the community infrastructure was destroyed. Skat Foundation is committed to rebuilding the health centres in these two communities. For this project, we are working with two of our trusted partner organisations from Ukraine (DESPRO NGO and the Ukrainian Association of Municipalities), which are locally based and nationally networked. Together we have chosen the two communities because the damage there is enormous and because other mechanisms of national and international support do not reach these locations. Access to these areas is safe at the moment and the project can therefore start quickly.

With this project, we support the entire population of the two municipalities: adults, children, the elderly and other vulnerable groups. In total, we will be able to rebuild health services for more than 25,000 people, and strengthen the resilience of the two municipal governments.

The budget for this project is CHF 360,000 – for which we are currently collecting donations from individuals, companies, service clubs, municipalities, cities and cantons. All donations will fully be used to cover the expenses on site.

With your donation, you help us getting the health services up and running again. This gives people in the affected communities a perspective and helps more families to return to their homes.

On behalf of the two communities, the implementing partners and the affected people, we would like to thank everyone who is contributing to this project.

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Aerial view of the Kalnyvka health centre, which was largely destroyed during the siege (© DESPRO).

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Main achievements in 2022-2023

Primary Health care Center in Hurivshchyna village.

The reconstruction of this center was completed by the end of 2022 thanks to the support of a local actor – the Dynamo Kiev Football Club. The project funds were used for medical equipment, furniture and medical supplies. Currently, the outpatient clinic is fully functional and provides the full spectrum of health care, serving not only the residents of Hurivshchyna village but also patients from other villages of Dmytrivka municipality located in the vicinity. 

Results in 2022

4, 764 people benefit from the services of the Hurivshchyna clinic.

Health care Center in Shpyt’ky village

This health care center was substantially damaged in March 2022. The local administration, using funds from the municipal budget and private donations, repaired the facility. Upon request of the local authorities, the project will contribute with the insulation of the building and with medical supplies. The insulation of the outpatient clinic was completed in June 2023.  Furniture, equipment and medical supplies to the healthcenter facility were delivered. The clinic provides services to 14 villages that compose Dmytrivka community, serving over 2,300 people. The facility was also partly transformed into a rehabilitation center for people affected by war. For this project, Skat Foundation received donations from Swiss citizens and from other local Swiss companies and organisations. 

Results in 2023

2,294 people benefit from the services of the Shpyt’ky clinic. 

© DESPRO NGO – Infrastructure restoration

© DESPRO NGO – Modern ultrasound system

Further activities planned 

During the assessment phase of the project, additional needs were identified for health care facilities in the surrounding of Kiev. One of the most affected municipalities is Hostomel, where two health care facilities will be upgraded and equipped in the coming months, thus improving health services for more than 28,000 people. Skat Foundation will continue raising funds to attend these needs and help the population affected by the war. 

On behalf of the communities, the implementing partners and the affected people, we would like to thank everyone who is contributing to this project, which will continue throughout 2023. 

© DESPRO NGO – Reparation works of the Primary Healthcare Center in Hurivshchyna village.