Green Terrace – Sustainable urban Agriculture and Composting in Usme, Bogota Colombia

This project is being developed in the locality of Usme, Bogotá, Colombia. The Green Terrace offers spaces for communities to strengthen their capacities under the principle of learning-by-doing to properly separate waste in their homes, transform organic waste into fertilizers, and implement community and family urban gardens. The Green Terrace – Colombia is a sustainable and impact-driven project that not only contributes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by avoiding organic waste disposal in landfills, but also promotes food security through organic gardens, and strengthens social cohesion in communities.

Location & Country: 
Bogota, Colombia
Project Period: 
2021 – 2023
Services Provided: Capacity and skills development
  • Technical support on Solid Waste Management
  • Participatory designs of Environmental Education Strategies and Tools

Name of Staff involved and functions performed:

Dr. Sandra Mendez Fajardo. Coordinator. Expert in Solid Waste Management

Description of the Project:
As part of the solid waste management programme of Skat Foundation, the project “Green Terrace Colombia” aims to strengthen the capacities of communities to implement appropriate practices in sustainable solid waste management. Skat Foundation with the cooperation and local coordination of  the Parish of San Marcelino Champagnat and the Prosofi Social Program of the Javeriana University has supported more than 200 families in Usme, Bogota, to implement urban agriculture and composting strategies, through trainings, workshops, technical visits, as well as by promoting the implementation of urban gardens and the production of organic fertilisers from waste. The project helps to improve the food security of the families involved, to reduce the environmental impacts of organic waste disposed in the city’s sanitary landfill, and to strengthen the social cohesion of the communities.


  • Catholic Church of St. Gallen
  • Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) Programme Contribution
  • Municipality of Maur
  • Canton of Schaffhausen.

Name of Partner Organisation(s):

  • Parish of San Marcelino Champagnat, Usme, Bogota
  • Social Programme Prosofi, Javeriana University, Bogota
  • Comabaquinta Association, Bogota

Resources: Article Sufosec

Green Terrace – from Waste to Life

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