Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN)

RWSN is organised along four themes: Equality, Non-Discrimination & Inclusion, Sustainable Groundwater Development, Accelerating Self-supply and Sustainable Services. The topic “Mapping and Monitoring” cuts across all themes. Communities have been formed around these topics. They share their experiences, concerns and ideas and work towards improving policies, professionalism and practices on each topic. RWSN’s topics are led by WaterAid, Skat Foundation and IRC, working in partnership with other organisations. The RWSN Secretariat, which coordinates the topic leaders and manages RWSN’s membership, publications, online platforms and reporting, is hosted by Skat Foundation.

RWSN has a dual approach to influence decision makers and improve professionalism:

  • Documenting experiences, developing codes of conduct, standards and guidelines and embedding them within countries and organisations
  • Facilitating knowledge-sharing and networking amongst rural water professionals and organisations
RWSN Secretariat