Our Team & Associated Experts

Diverse, committed, international, dynamic and global – this is how we like to describe our team. Our core team consists of 5 professionals based in St. Gallen, Switzerland, and 3 experts abroad, in the United Kingdom, East Africa and South America. To complement our team, we count with the support of associated experts in specific thematic fields. Together, we work as connectors, enablers and facilitators of change.

Our Team & Associated Experts

Bertha Camacho

Managing Director & Knowledge Management Specialist

I am keen on embracing dialogue and co-creation in the design and implementation of projects, learning processes and workshops.
Our Team & Associated Experts

Matthias Saladin

Intl. Programme Coordinator

I am excited about connecting people and organisations for mutual exchange and learning. Skat Foundation, as a facilitator of change, enables me to do so.
Our Team & Associated Experts

Sean Furey

RWSN Director

I appreciate being part of a small team, where we are all passionate about what we do and really help each other to perform at our best and to make a positive impact in the world.
Our Team & Associated Experts

Rena Salzmann

Junior Programme & Communications Officer

I love how Skat Foundation empowers communities, by building on top of local knowledge and working through collaborative partnerships.
Our Team & Associated Experts

Aline Saraiva Okello

Global Network Manager of RWSN (based in Kenya)

I believe that, through RWSN, we can continue to bridge gaps and to address challenges faced by the rural water supply and sanitation sector.
Our Team & Associated Experts

Meleesa Naughton

Water Supply and Sanitation Specialist (based in the UK)

I enjoy working in our creative, diverse and fun team, and love that I get to interact with so many persons and organisations through RWSN.
Our Team & Associated Experts

Miriam Orellana

Local Ownership Specialist (based in Bolivia)

I am fascinated about development and humanitarian work. Supporting others and working in collaborative ways is very important to me.
Our Team & Associated Experts

Sandra Méndez

Associated Expert in Solid Waste Management (Eco Partner)

I like sharing knowledge on sustainable waste management and resource conservation with local actors and communities, so that they can improve their quality of life.
Our Team & Associated Experts

Kerstin Danert

Associated Expert in Water Supply (Ask for Water)

I have a strong connection to RWSN, which dates back to 2005, and am very happy to support the network in connecting policy, science and practice around rural water.
Our Team & Associated Experts

Daniela Marko

Communications & Resource Mobilization Intern

Advocating for the sustainable development of rural communities is key to achieving global development.

Change is the only constant in life.

Heraclitus, c.500 BC