Strengthening Municipal Capacities on Sustainable Solid Waste Management in Bolivia

©María B. Suárez & Beldandy Suárez – Project: Waste Separation in Indigenous Communities in Pando

Description of the Project

With the aim of strengthening the knowledge and capacities of municipalities and communities in Bolivia on the management of solid and organic municipal waste and on environmental education, Skat Foundation carried out two initiatives in cooperation with Helvetas Bolivia.

1. Vocational Training on Solid Waste and Organic Management  

In partnership with Helvetas – Bolivia, two six-week long vocational training courses on Sustainable Solid Waste Management were implemented online in 2022.


51 people have enrolled in new or upgraded vocational training (49% women and 51% men) 

28 people have strengthened their capacities on solid waste management (46% women, 54% men)

23 people have received environmental education and strengthened their skills on organic waste management (52% women, 48% men)

2. Support to Youth Initiatives on Sustainable Waste Management 

In the framework of a project competition organised by Helvetas Bolivia, which focused on Solid Waste Management initiatives led by young people, Skat Foundation sponsored one of the winning projects «Waste Separation in Indigenous Communities in Pando» and provided technical advice to the two Environmental Engineering students, who implemented the project. Indigenous communities, who are chestnut harvesters, benefitted from the project.


710 people have benefited from sustainable natural resource management practices (48% women, 52% men)

Project Period: 2021 -2022

Thematic Focus:
  • Technical support
  • Methodological support
  • Capacity Development and Training

Name of Staff involved and functions performed:

Dr. Sandra Mendez Fajardo, Coordinator Solid Waste Management Program. 

Miriam Orellana, Local Ownership Specialist.  

© SF – Environmental Engineering students María B. Suárez and Beldandy Suárez, who implemented the project «Waste Separation in Indigenous Communities» in the municipality of Puerto Gonzalo Moreno.

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