Strengthening local capacities for better access to water and sanitation services in the municipalities of Tipitapa (Nicaragua)

© Erick Gomez, Asociación Rayaka Laya – Survey at the Comunidad Las Banderas, to complement official data on access to water, sanitation and hygiene at the household level, and to obtain information regarding consumer needs, desire and ability to pay. 

Description of the Project

This project contributes to the empowerment and food security of the population in the municipality of Tipitapa, Nicaragua through access to clean water for human consumption, improved sanitation and water for backyard gardens. The project also strengthens the capacities of local artisans and entrepreneurs to install, operate and maintain Simple Market-based Affordable and Repairable Water Technologies (SMARTechs) such as dry toilets, rainwater storage tanks, or household water filters.  

During the first year of work, a series of demonstration objects were installed and trainings for artisans and entrepreneurs were conducted. An agreement with a local micro-credit institution was signed to offer users a specific credit line for water and sanitation products and services. Through public information campaigns people without connection to water network were informed about the products and services available.  

© Erick Gomez, Asociación Rayaka Laya – Rope hand pump For families

Project Period: 2022 – 2023

Thematic Focus:
  • Access to WASH
  • Entrepreneurial activities
  • Capacity building

Name of Staff involved and functions performed: Matthias Saladin, Project Coordinator

Achievements in 2022:

82 people  have gained new and improved WASH services. (56% men and 44% women)

10 organisations from the public, private and community sectors have established an inter-institutional alliance of organisations at municipal level.

15 artisans and local entrepreneurs (80% men, 20% women) improved their technical skills on solar pumping.  

6 promotion events were carried out reaching 102 people (53% men, 47% women)