How our exciting SEInFlora Project has been developing in Colombia

As part of the solid waste management line, we have started in August the project SEInFlora: Sustainability and Integral Ecology in La Flora, Colombia. The project is led by the social programme PROSOFI of the Pontificia Xaverian University of Bogotá, and will be developed for 1 year.

The initiative counts with the technical support of Skat Foundation, the local accompaniment of the Unbound Foundation and the active participation of the community leaders of La Flora, a sector made up of 16 neighbourhoods in the locality of Usme.

The main objective is to strengthen the capacities for integrated solid waste management within the inhabitants of the neighbourhoods of La Arrayanes, San Pedro, Las Violetas and Doña Liliana, in order to achieve a reduction in waste generation, correct separation at source and increased use of materials.

The expected results include the systemic and participatory design of medium and long-term strategic actions to (i) Reduce waste generation based on the concept of sustainable consumption, and (ii) Increase the use of organic and inorganic solid waste.

With the local coordination of PROSOFI, the participation of the communities and students of the Xaverian University, empowerment and environmental education activities have been initiated in the Doña Liliana neighbourhood. These include the beautification of the temporary storage sites for waste delivered to the local public sanitation service.

We are very happy about this cooperation and hope to contribute to the improvement of the life quality of the families involved. To learn more about this project, contact Sandra Mendez at