UN House of Scotland Podcast by RWSN Mentoring Programme participants

Dr. Kerstin Danert and Tichazvipedza Fadzai Munodawafa recorded a podcast on “Global Partnership, Gender, Progression and Climate-Orientated Careers”. They speak about their careers and their motivations for working with water and sanitation, the challenges they have faced and the hopes they have for water, sanitation and climate in the future.

The podcast comprises the series “Connecting Women’s Voices on Climate Justice” of the UN House Scotland, which explores perspectives on climate action from women in Scotland and around the world. The aim is to raise awareness of women’s rights within climate justice.

Kerstin and Fadzai both participate in the RWSN Mentoring Programme (hosted by Skat Foundation), as mentor and mentee, respectively. We are proud of you guys, well done!