Sharing experiences at the World Resources Forum 2023

Rethinking Value – Resources for Planetary Wellbeing

The Skat Foundation, represented by Sandra Mendez, took part in the event titled “World Resources Forum 2023: Rethinking Value – Resources for Planetary Wellbeing.” 

This remarkable event convened over 700 participants from diverse nations, all eager to engage in academic, multi-sectoral, and interdisciplinary discussions on sustainable use of natural resources. The primary focus of this gathering was to delve into the urgent challenges facing our planet concerning its resources and ecosystems. The discussions included a spectrum of crucial aspects, such as the adoption of sustainable environmental practices to attain sufficiency; the promotion of wellbeing while reducing our consumption of natural resources; and the advocacy for public policies that that actively integrate measures for sustainability. 

During this event, Dr. Sandra Mendez Fajardo from Skat Foundation had the opportunity to share its experiences from projects undertaken in Colombia and Costa Rica. For  the “Societal Relevance” session, our Green Terrace Colombia project took center stage. This innovative initiative serves as an environmental education strategy that, through a learning-by-doing approach, promotes good practices with organic waste and the closing of the waste cycle with urban agriculture. 

Furthermore, Dr Mendez Fajardo presented the pilot project dedicated to composting organic waste from local businesses in the municipality of Turrialba, Costa Rica during the session “Local Circular Economy Initiatives”. This initiative represents a pivotal milestone in our continued support for municipal and national circular economy frameworks throughout the year 2023. 

We thank our partners for co-authoring these presentations: Ecopartner,  the Social Programme PROSOFI (Javeriana University), Parrish San Marcelino Champagnat (Colombia), and ACEPESA, Municipality of Turrialba (Costa Rica).

For more information about the Green Terrace project, please visit HERE

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Dr. Sandra Mendez during her presentation at the World Resources Forum 2023. Credit: Sandra Mendez, 2023.

Presentation of Yamina Saheb, IPCC Lead Author on Rethinking Climate Policies. Credit: Sandra Mendez, 2023.