Work the Net

Um Guia de Gerenciamento para Redes Formais

This guide is intended for pesters and network participants, as well as those still looking to establish a network. However, network management professionals should also find interesting tips in this post. It was developed by professionals with a solid experience in architecting and managing networks.

This practical guide comes in a concise A5 format and describes in 140 pages how formal networks can be established, managed and leveraged in an efficient and effective way. The process-oriented approach is explained in a flowchart, and checklists summarize the main steps. The sources part provides information about relevant publications and websites.

“Work the Net” is one of the results of the Germany – ASEAN cooperation project “‘Networking, Information and Knowledge Management by Regional Organizations” (NeRO), which offers a platform for the exchange of information and for Knowledge Management approaches and instruments for regional development organizations dealing with natural resource management in the Asian context.

Categories: Briefing note, Manual | Course material | Handbook, Training | Networks | Portuguese

Year: 2007

Authors: Michael Glueck