Better Access to Water in Nicaragua

This project contributes to the empowerment of food security of the population in the municipality of Tipitapa, Nicaragua, through access to clean water for human consumption, improved sanitation and water for backyard gardens.

Sustainable access to clean drinking water in Tanzania

The project aims to provide long-term access to clean drinking water for people living in dispersed and underserved areas. By training local technicians in manual drilling techniques and pump production and installation, the project not only ensures that local entrepreneurs have the skills to construct, maintain or repair the systems but also that there is a demand for their services.

Help to self-help: Clean Water for Zambia

Zambia has 5 to 6 months of no rainfall which limits crop farmers’ responsibility. The goal of this project is to build a long-lasting self-supply chain in water to improve the livelihoods of rural communities in Zambia.

Training of Trainers to improve Rural Water Supply in Tanzania

Training of Trainers  to improve Rural Water Supply in Tanzania 7 Our Goal The project aims to enhance the technical and managerial capabilities of Tanzania’s Rural Water Supply Agency (RUWASA), to improve water services for the rural population in Tanzania. Project...

Safe Water in the Lowlands of Nepal

Promoting Social Entrepreneurship  for Safe Drinking Water in the Lowlands of Nepal 7 Our Goal This project aims to improve access to safe drinking water for schools and households in the lowlands of Nepal. The project was designed as a pilot phase, where a...