Skat Foundation, in collaboration with the WASH Alliance International and the Swiss Water and Sanitation Consortium, just completed a series of WASH webinars in Nepal.

The series comprised 6 events over the course of 2 months. Mainly geared towards practitioners, NGO staff and other professionals working in the WASH sector in Nepal, the series touched on diverse issues, such as menstrual health and hygiene, WASH at health care facilities and schools, and behaviour change, among others.

The last session of the series presented insights from recent research projects (REACH project) in Nepal, and its implications for implementing organisations. The recordings of the webinars, as well as individual presentations, are publicly available here.

Given the broad participation and positive feedback, the three organising entities will now start the planning process for a second series of webinars, to take place early in 2022. If you have inputs (insights, evaluations, tools, approaches, etc.) you consider relevant for the audience of this next series (mostly NGO staff and practitioners working on WASH issues in Nepal), please contact Matthias Saladin.