Reconstructing healthcare facilities and services in war-affected municipalities


Our Goal

Reconstruct and reestablish healthcare services in war-affected municipalities located near Kyiv. This project aims to support the entire population of these municipalities, including adults, children, the elderly, and other vulnerable groups.

Project Profile

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has had a devastating impact on many communities, leaving individuals in dire circumstances.

Municipalities near Kyiv became the outposts on the approaches of Russia’s efforts to occupy the capital of Ukraine, resulting in the destruction of lodging houses, apartment buildings, and essential infrastructure, including medical facilities. As a consequence, the residents of these municipalities have been left without access to essential health services, exacerbating the already precarious situation.

In collaboration with our trusted partner organisations from Ukraine, DESPRO NGO and All Ukrainian Association of Amalgamated Communities, Skat Foundation has been working tirelessly to rebuild the health centres in various communities.

With this project, we support the entire population of the municipalities: adults, children, the elderly and other vulnerable groups. In total, we will be able to rebuild health services for more than 25,000 people and strengthen the resilience of the municipal governments.


Dmytrivka, Hostomel, and Borodyanka


2022 – 2024


Humanitarian aid and recovery

Key Services Provided

  • Development of an action plan based on a needs assessment.
  • Reconstruction of the infrastructure (incl. water and energy supply).
  • Procurement of medical equipment, office equipment, computer equipment and hardware to be used by medical personnel.
  • Training of community employees and capacity development plans.


Karla Schlie, Project Coordinator

Project achievements


people have benefitted from the reconstruction of the primary healthcare centre in Hurivshchyna village in Dmytrivka


people have benefitted from the services of the reconstructed healthcare centre in Shpyt’ky village in Dmytrivka


people have improved access to health care facilities in Hostomel


people have benefitted from the services in Moshun


people benefit from the services in Bordyanka

All health centres have been provided with Medical supplies

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