Sustainable access to clean drinking water in Tanzania


Our Goal

The project aims to provide long-term access to clean drinking water for people living in dispersed and underserved areas. By training local technicians in manual drilling techniques and pump production and installation, the project not only ensures that local entrepreneurs have the skills to construct, maintain or repair the systems but also that there is a demand for their services.

Project Profile

Since 2012, the Southern Highlands Participatory Organisation (SHIPO) and Skat Foundation have been developing and implementing an intervention to strengthen market-based mechanisms of service provision for water to households in rural areas of the Southern Highlands in Tanzania. This approach focuses on delivering services for improved access to water by strengthening local entrepreneurs and artisans in the construction and maintenance of rural water points. The newly acquired skills include manual drilling, constructing of hand pumps, installation, maintenance and repair of pumps.

Since 2021, smallholder farmers have received training in agroecology and nutrition, aiming to increase and diversify food production at lower costs, increase the farmer´s income, improve soil conditions and promote water efficiency in their plots of land. This component of the project aims to improve the farmers’ livelihoods and increase food security in the region.

Main Activities:

  • Install, monitor and maintain water infrastructures in dispersed or underserved areas.
  • Train and coach artisans to enable them to deliver services for improving access to water.
  • Monitor the installed infrastructure, provide feedback to the artisans and implement a certification process.
  • Support women’s groups in building their capacities and implementing the newly acquired know-how in agroecology.
  • Install demonstration and learning gardens to support the learning processes of farmers in the local context and to showcase results.

Promotion and information about water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and agroecological SMARTechs to key stakeholders.




2012 – 2024



Key Services Provided

  • Access to WASH
  • Capacity building for well drillers and pump producers
  • Capacity building for smallholder farmers
  • Entrepreneurial know-how


Karla Schlie, Project Manager

Project achievements


people have gained access to water day-round close to their homesteads


children gained access to water in schools


people gained access to water in health posts and other public water points


water points have been installed, most of them in private households


entrepreneurial local organisations are active in the project area by installing, repairing and maintaining WASH infrastructure


artisans have acquired the skills to install and maintain WASH technologies

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Without access to basic services such as Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Waste Management and Energy, vulnerable communities remain left behind.

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