Success Stories: Renewable Energy Training of Trainers

RE Scouts Training of Trainers: An overview


As part of the second phase of the Renewable Energies in Afghanistan project, Skat Foundation ran a Renewable Energy Scouts Training of Trainers (RE Scouts ToT) in 2022. The programme equipped 25 entry- and mid-level Afghan professionals in the energy sector with the skills and knowledge to become RE trainers themselves. The programme lasted 2 months, and comprised lectures and coaching sessions by expert trainers, group work, quizzes and assignments.

The training provided the participants with in-depth knowledge of renewable energy systems (micro hydropower, solar energy and grids), as well as facilitation and moderation skills. The goal was to enable them to effectively pass on their expertise to others in online and in-person settings, through the use of didactic and engaging teaching methods, including digital tools.

Skat Foundation aims to create a ripple effect of change by establishing a network of skilled trainers who can multiply the knowledge, awareness and skills on RE throughout Afghanistan and who are able to respond to the challenges of the country’s energy framework more effectively. Empowering practitioners and young professionals to become trainers is a crucial step in building a self-sustaining renewable energy sector in Afghanistan.



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Digital knowledge platform for renewable energies in Afghanistan


In the first phase of the Renewable Energies in Afghanistan project, carried out by Skat Foundation in collaboration with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and die wegmeister, a digital knowledge platform for renewable energies in Afghanistan was developed. The open platform comprises web-based and augmented reality applications, as well as an interactive website.

The latter showcases the various options available in rural Afghanistan to produce electricity from renewable energy sources, as well as the ways to connect new generation capacities with consumers through different grid solutions. It serves as a powerful tool for students, practitioners, and experts looking to explore renewable energy systems and provides valuable resources that can help to promote the adoption of sustainable energy practices in the country.

The project’s achievements, including the ToT Program for Renewable Energy Scouts and the development of the interactive website, are a testament to Skat Foundation’s dedication to facilitating positive change and long lasting impact in Afghanistan.

Testimonial from one of the RE Scouts

Ahmad Khalid Slimankhil shares how he has been applying the knowledge acquired from the RE Scouts ToT Program in his career as Executive Manager of Professionals for Change.


ToT Scouts assisted me in making my dream of holding professional online trainings a reality. Since graduating from ToT Scouts, I’ve been working with Professionals for Change, where I am using the knowledge to conduct online trainings and webinars on a variety of topics.

I am currently the Executive Manager of Professionals for Change, an organization that focuses on capacity building through online trainings and workshops in multi-disciplinary professions, with a special emphasis on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

I am following the same procedure for conducting online trainings that I learned from the ToT program. Fortunately, since completing the ToT and beginning to work with Professionals for Change, we have conducted two online trainings (1- Solar Roof Top System, 2- Energy Efficiency in Buildings) and 10+ online webinars and workshops, where I put my ToT Scouts knowledge to full use.”

Ahmad Khalid Slimankhil
Executive Manager of Professionals for Change

Photo Courtesy: Ahmad Khalid Slimankhil (2022).

Professionals for Change is a platform where Afghan professionals share their knowledge and experiences with each other. They host different training programs on renewable energies and professional development. Find out more about their work here