The SEEED initiative

In 2022, the Hydro Empowerment Network (HPNET) launched the Social Enterprise for Energy, Ecological and Economic Development (SEEED) initiative, which comprises a series of learning opportunities to unlock the full potential of hydro mini-grid practitioners and communities in different regions.

SEEED is HPNET’s approach for community-scale hydro implementation. It aims to support community-scale hydro practitioners and communities to achieve long-term, technical, environmental, institutional, and financial sustainability of their hydro mini-grids – towards climate and economic resilience.

E-learning series

 The SEEED E-Learning series offered courses focused on the core elements of the initiative.  The three online training modules launched in 2022 were: 


Fundamentals of Community-Scale Hydro Mini-Grids (6-weeks)

This training covered the fundamentals of community hydro systems implementation. The modules targeted participants who are new to the sector and/or who needed to refresh their basic skills. Attendees located near potential community hydro sites were encouraged to practice taking hands-on measurements for head and flow. 

Climate Resilient Solutions to Hydro Mini-Grids (5 days)

This course covered solutions for climate resilience of community hydro systems, focusing on climate adaptation and mitigation resulting from watershed management of community hydro catchment areas. The curriculum covered watershed management phases, stakeholders, and best practices.  

Agroecological Benefits of Hydro Mini-Grids (1 day)

This 1-day training focused on the agroecological benefits and stakeholders of community hydro, including the theory and practice aspects of food forests and agro-processing end uses. 

Complementing the virtual live sessions, a field-based workshop was conducted in Kalinga Province, Philippines with the aim of strengthening the capacity of local community leaders in advancing climate-resilient hydro mini-grids that have agroecological benefits. The overarching goal of this field-based post-training was to generate tangible benefits for rural communities in terms of building climate and economic resilience of their water-energy-food nexus –using community hydro.   

Upon the successful completion of the online courses, the participants received a certificate.

More information

Skat Foundation has been supporting HPNET since 2016 and became its official host in 2023.