REAL Water


Our Goal

Building an evidence base for achieving safe, equitable, sustainable rural water supplies in low-and middle-income countries.

Project Profile

REAL-Water is an implementation research programme dedicated to three important and interrelated aspects of rural water supply development: Water Provider Performance, Water Safety and Water Resources.

It supports policymakers, development partners, and service providers to make strategic decisions and implement best practices for water management through implementation research.

The initiative is funded by USAID and aims to develop and evaluate strategies for expanding access to safe, equitable, and sustainable rural water services.

Skat Foundation, through the Rural Water Supply Network, is a member of this consortium. Our main role comprises the stakeholder engagement at global level to encourage the understanding and uptake of the research.  




Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Madagascar, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Global


2021 – 2026




Knowledge Brokering

Key services provided

Global project level:

  • Implementation research that applies scientific methods, international collaboration, and rigorous analyses.
  • Use of evidence to support decision-making by national policymakers and government officials, development partners, and public and private sector service providers.
  • Coordination and collaboration with related programmes contributing to the WASH knowledge base.

Skat Foundation level:

  • Facilitating global engagement through aware-ness raising activities; face-to-face events and conferences; and online communication and rela-tionship management with global stakeholders.
  • Facilitating regional and local engagement among researchers and decision-makers in Ghana, India, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, and making con-nections with headquarters counter-parts of global organisations.


  • Sean Furey, RWSN Director
  • Aline Saraiva Okello, Network Manager
  • Rena Salzmann, Junior Programme Officer
  • Andrea Güpfert, Head of Administration and Finances
  • Bertha Camacho, Senior Knowledge Management Specialist

Project achievements

A dedicated podcast that explores solutions to ru-ral water access challenges, with a focus on what the science tells about what has worked, what has failed, and why.

Numerous publications, including technical re-ports, briefs, blogs, among others.

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