Green Terrace

Sustainable Urban Agriculture and Composting in Usme, Bogota, Colombia


Our Goal

Working with Colombian families to promote sustainable waste management practices through urban agriculture and composting systems. This offers numerous benefits such as creating economic opportunities, enhancing food security, fostering social cohesion, and protecting the environment

Project Profile

The Green Terrace project is being developed in the locality of Usme, in Bogotá, Colombia. It offers spaces for communities to strengthen their capacities under the principle of learning-by-doing. This includes properly separating waste in their homes, transforming organic waste into fertiliser, and implementing community and family urban gardens. The Green Terrace is a sustainable and impact-driven project that: (i) contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by avoiding organic waste disposal in landfills; (ii) promotes food security through organic gardens; and (iii) strengthens social cohesion in communities.

With the cooperation and local coordination of the Parish San Marcelino Champagnat and the Prosofi Social Programme of the Javeriana University, Skat Foundation has supported more than 200 families in Usme to implement urban agriculture and composting strategies. This was achieved through trainings, workshops, technical visits, as well as by promoting the implementation of urban gardens and the production of organic fertiliser from waste


Bogotá, Colombia


2021 – 2024


Waste Management

Key Services Provided

  • Capacity and skills development

  • Technical support on Solid Waste Management (SWM)

  • Participatory design of environmental education strategies and tools


Sandra Mendez Fajardo, Coordinator of Solid Waste Management Programme

Project achievements


people have new access to solid waste services (69% women, 31% men).


people have learned good practices on SWM and urban gardening (65% women, 35% men).


people have improved their access to healthy food (67% women, 33% men).

María Teresa Torres and

Olga Lucía Muñoz

“I really appreciate what I have learned here in the Green Terrace project. I learned that most of the waste we take out of the kitchen when we prepare food can be used to make compost and obtain fertiliser to plant all kinds of plants.”

María Teresa Torres

“In this time, I have enriched my knowledge on how to reduce pollution and be more conscious of the planet by composting at home… I want to thank the team of the Green Terrace project for the great work they do for the community and for our planet.”

Olga Lucía Muñoz

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