Empowering local communities


About the Green Terrace Project


The Green Terrace Project is an initiative aimed at promoting sustainable urban agricultural practices and at creating a network of leaders capable of driving change to increase contributions to environmental preservation at a local level in Usme, Bogotá, Colombia.  

From August to September 2023, a group of 25 participants from the Villa Rosita, Alfonso López, and Palermo Sur neighbourhoods joined the “Training of Trainers” (ToT) programme on organic waste management of the Green Terrace Project.  

This initiative is designed to equip trainers with the skills, knowledge, and tools necessary to effectively teach and facilitate learning experiences and spread knowledge to a wider group. It embodies one of the core missions of the Skat Foundation to empower left-behind communities. 

©Skat Foundation: Training of Trainers part of the Green Terrace Project in Colombia.

Overview of Training Programme


In the first session, led by microbiologist Adriana Matiz, a professor at Javeriana University, the issue of organic waste management in Bogotá was studied, with a focus on home composting as a first-hand solution for treating waste generated in households. This technique was practically applied during the second session, using the community composters implemented by the Green Terrace Project. Additionally, various strategies for implementing home composters were demonstrated, motivating the participants to set up their own. 

©Skat Foundation: Participants learn about the classification of organic waste as part of the Training of Trainers Programme of the Green Terrace Project.

©Skat Foundation: Practical composting session part of the Training of Trainers Programme of the Green Terrace Project.

©Skat Foundation: Preparing compost as part of the Training of Trainers Programme of the Green Terrace Project.

In the last two sessions held in September, the participants expanded their knowledge in the field of vermiculture. On this occasion, the training was conducted by Martha Lesmes and Lucena Durán, from the Comabaquinta Corporation, a project partner organisation who, through practical experience and autonomous learning, became expert in this treatment. They also carried out a practical exercise in vermiculture, considering the techniques and principles learned. To encourage its implementation, those who expressed interest in replicating this treatment in their homes were provided with a starter batch of Californian red worms as a resource.  

The Training of Trainers included an online training component. On September 6th, a webinar was held with the municipality of Turrialba in Costa Rica, an activity in which 36 people connected to the Green Terrace Project participated. This webinar allowed participants to learn how to manage a community composting system from its inception, as well as the related challenges, achievements, and opportunities for improvement. Learning from the experience in Bogotá serves as an inspirational reference for future related initiatives and project cycles. The seminar was conducted by the Engineer Ana Lorena Vallejo, who is in charge of the Municipal Solid Waste Management section.  

Results and achievements



  1. Skills Acquisition: Participants acquired essential skills for organic waste management. They gained theoretical knowledge and had the opportunity to put these skills into practice, notably using community composters established by the project.  
  2. Project Multiplication: The training of trainers programme played a crucial role in the multiplication of the Green Terrace project. Participants acquired the skills and knowledge required to become trainers themselves, enabling a multiplication of the project’s impact within the community.  
  3. Community Cohesion: The training of trainers programme has also fostered a sense of community cohesion and cooperation. Participants have worked together, shared experiences, and built bonds, reinforcing the overall sense of unity among them.  

Partner organisations


  • Parish of San Marcelino Champagnat, Usme, Bogota 
  • Social Program Prosofi, Javeriana University, Bogota  
  • Comabaquinta Association, Bogota 
  • Hermanas Apostolinas