Release of Our 2023 Annual Report

We are pleased to announce the release of our Annual Report for 2023, providing a comprehensive overview of our projects, achievements, and financial health. In 2023, Skat Foundation celebrated its 20th anniversary, marking two decades of dedicated work and partnerships. We are proud to have contributed to improving the living conditions of approximately 70,000 people this year through our collaborative efforts and projects.

The report highlights our dedication to international cooperation, sustainable development, and capacity building across various regions.

Notable Achievements
In 2023, our initiatives made significant strides in improving lives and fostering community development worldwide. Key highlights include:

  • Water Supply Projects: we continued our efforts to provide sustainable water supplies to rural communities in Nepal, Nicaragua, Zambia, and Tanzania. SMART technologies brought clean drinking water and water for farm use to families in remote areas, improving health and well-being.
  • Green Initiatives: In Colombia and Costa Rica, we expanded our models in urban agriculture and circular economy projects, contributing to environmental sustainability and community development.
  • Youth and Women Empowerment: Our programs in Bolivia focused on improving job opportunities for young people and women, fostering green and circular economies. In 2023, 81 young women entered the job market, with 56 securing permanent employment.
  • Global Reach and Collaboration: Through the Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN), we reached thousands of individuals and organizations worldwide. In 2023, RWSN contributed to eight global projects, ran seven webinars, and welcomed new members to its Executive Steering Committee.
  • Healthcare Restoration in Ukraine: Together with our partners, we rehabilitated six war-damaged health centers and rebuilt one, ensuring access to essential medical services for communities affected by the conflict.
  • Innovative Solutions: Our projects in Nepal introduced innovative water filtration technologies, benefitting schools and households. In Costa Rica, our support for the circular economy component led to significant reductions in CO2 emissions through organic waste management.

Financial Stewardship
Our financial statements reflect a strong commitment to transparency and efficient use of resources. The total capital of the organization increased, demonstrating sound financial health and effective management.

Looking Ahead
As we move forward, we remain dedicated to our vision of a world where individuals and organizations can collaborate to eradicate poverty and build sustainable, inclusive societies. We thank our partners, donors, and team members for their continued support and trust.

We invite you to explore the full Annual Report 2023, available for download here.


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July 2, 2024