Training of Trainers and Development of Training Modules for high quality, sustainable Rural Water Supply Schemes

Since 2012, Skat Foundation has been developing training modules and providing training of trainers for high quality design and construction. Although appropriate design and the quality of construction determine to a great extent the sustainability of water supply schemes, these aspects receive too little attention by most actors.

The practical approach and content of the training modules are developed and fine-tuned through pilot training courses that are implemented in Cameroon. However, the modular training concept containing about thirty modules will contain generic training materials which are valid for any location. Five training modules addressing construction quality have already been completed in 2013.

Based on needs assessments pilot trainings for the modules, “Spring Catchment Construction” and “Caretaker” were implemented in 2014. Accordingly the respective training modules were developed. The trainees for spring catchment construction applied the theory they were provided in the class room to the practical implementation of catchment construction, including tracing and quality assessment of springs, introduction of protection zones, excavation of springs as well as design and construction according to existing situations.

The caretaker trainees were instructed on the maintenance requirements through the systematic assessment of an existing water supply scheme starting from the protections zone, catchment, storage tank, supply mains and distribution system to the public stand pipes and private connections.

Besides training on practical operation and maintenance implementation, guidelines and checklists were developed together with job descriptions. The modular training concept proved to be very practical and relevant (e.g. those trainees that had in advance undergone the modules addressing construction quality were best equipped for training on catchment construction). A guide for trainers and a manual for trainees are also part of this package.