Policy influence for ultra-deep reaching hand pumps

Case study for LifePump acceptance in Zambia and Malawi

In rural areas where hand pumps are commonly used, extracting water from ultra-deep boreholes (up to 150 metres) poses a significant problem for communities since this is beyond the design limit of standard hand pumps. Demand for climate-resilient, ultra-deep hand pump technology is growing due to dropping global groundwater levels, along with the need for government policies to enforce best practices for year-round, safe water supply.

This paper provides a case study of a practice-based overview of how the governments initiated an update of policies enabling the use of the LifePump in both Zambia and Malawi

Categories: English | Networks | Water

Year: 2021

Authors: Beatrice Chisenga, Greg Bixler, Thanasius L. Sitolo, Ulanda Nyirenda, Deborah Muheka, Steve Peacock