Join the Agroecology Learning Journey of the Sufosec Alliance


The Alliance of Sustainable Food Systems and Empowered Communities (Sufosec) invites agroecological practitioners in the global South to join its upcoming workshops on how to shape the critical, first steps of the agroecological transition. Three separate workshops will be held, one in each language: French (04.10.2022), Spanish (11.10.2022) and English (18.10.2022). 

The online workshops are part of a 4-year learning journey of the Sufosec Alliance, which consists of 6 leading NGOs in the Swiss international cooperation on agroecology: Aqua Alimenta, Fastenaktion, Skat Foundation, SWISSAID, Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Suisse and Vivamos Mejor. The learning journey aims to facilitate the exchange and co-creation of knowledge on promising practices, to enable the adoption of agroecology by farmers. It is designed in 3 phases: 

  • 2021 – Farmers’ learning and understanding: How should learning models and tools for co-creation of knowledge be designed to successfully enhance agroecological practices? 
  • 2022 – Farmers’ application of promising practices: What are critical factors and reasons for farmers to apply agroecological practices sustainably in the long term? 
  • 2023 – Enabling environment: Which supporting elements and mechanisms should be in place for sustainable implementation of agroecological practices at scale?    

In the spirit of joint participatory learning and co-creation of knowledge, we invite interested agroecological practitioners, including partners, staff of coordination offices, staff of direct partners working with farmers on agroecology, and farmers to join the workshops and share their success stories.

To build on former outputs, you can learn from the results of the household baseline survey on agroecological practices carried out in all Sufosec partner countries, as well as from the Inventory on selected learning models for agroecology, which has been co-created with all participants in 2021. We invite you to co-create a similar synthesis of promising practices this year, which will be distributed within key professional networks and the wider public.

Join us to make the principle of co-creation of knowledge in agroecology a reality! 


Please follow the links below to register for the workshops and to download the event flyers. The workshop programme is presented in the flyers.

Agroecology Days

These workshops integrate the Agroecology Days, which are hosted by Agroecology Works.

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