Global Hand Hygiene 2022: Clean your hands, save lives

Global Hand Hygiene Day

Unity for Safety: clean your hands is the motto of the World Hand Hygiene Day 2022, which is celebrated yearly on May 5th.

Cleand hands and proper handwashing are an effective and affordable way to prevent disease transmission and save lives. In 2019, the JMP estimated that over 45% of primary health care facilities and 50% of schools do not have access to handwashing facilities, basic hygiene and water supply systems.

The Global Gand Hygiene Day focuses on raising awareness on hand hygiene within health facilities, to reduce health care-associated infections and patient safety. The campaign also aims to strengthen hand hygiene improvements in general.

The role of hands4health


Hands4health recognises the importance of proper handwashing. The project partners are working together to develop a systematic approach to hand hygiene, water quality and sanitation in schools and health care facilities not connected to functional water supply systems.

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The hands4health project is funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

Project partners