Farmers’ learning and understanding: An inventory of selected Sufosec learning models and tools for Agroecology

As part of a joint learning journey of the agroecological learning group of the Sufosec Alliance, in November 2021, over 100 participants came together in online workshops in three different languages to share their models for learning on agroecological practices. The present inventory is the result of this exchange process, and aims to present a selection of approaches practised by the Sufosec Alliance members and partners.
Across the different approaches, this documentation intends to identify common hindering and success factors for successful learning on agroecological practices. It shows that the crucial starting point of all learning is the knowledge of farmers. By that, it provides food and agricultural specialists and extensionists with the language and knowledge on how to build on farmers’ knowledge, how to work best with farmers to extend and further co-create knowledge, understanding and joint activities.

Categories: English | Handbook, Training | Networks

Year: 2022

Authors: Sufosec Alliance members and partners