Operation and Maintenance Manual for public schools

The operation and maintenance (O&M) of public school buildings and WASH infrastructure can be a challenge if not managed well, if resources are insufficient and if the materials used cannot be replaced or repaired easily.

Work the Net (2nd Edition)

This is a hands-on guide for setting up, structuring, managing, monitoring and evaluating networks efficiently and effectively.

Clients First!

The Helvetas publication no. 3 describes the main characteristics of a basic market study as well as the methodology of a Rapid Market Appraisal (RMA).

Work the Net

This guide is intended for pesters and network participants, as well as those still looking to establish a network. However, network management professionals should also find interesting tips in this post.

Work the Net

Esta guía está destinada a especialistas en redes, así como a otros profesionales que deseen constituir o formar una red.