Borehole Drilling – Planning, Contracting and Management: A UNICEF Toolkit

A UNICEF Toolkit

Borehole Drilling – Planning, Contracting & Management: A UNICEF Toolkit has been developed to bring uniformity to practices and to guide UNICEF staff involved in borehole procurement and the supply of equipment, as well as contracting consultancy services for borehole siting and supervision. The document is based on a review of good practices within UNICEF, lessons from previous projects, the principles in the RWSN Code of Practice for Cost Effective Boreholes, the UNICEF Guidance Note on Professional Water Well Drilling.

The Toolkit comprises five modules which follow the logical sequence of a project’s life. Modules are interconnected, and it is advisable to initially read them in order to become familiar with the whole process. Subsequently, depending on the information sought, they can be consulted separately for specific guidance.

Categories: Course material | English | Handbook, Training | Water

Year: 2018

Authors: Kerstin Danert, Dotun Adekile, Jose Gesti Canuto, Djani Zadi, Peter Harvey, Anne Cabrera-Clerget