Susanna Germanier


Susanna Germanier

Trainee in Solid Waste Management

Susanna is a participant in the SDGs Youth Programme “Change Action Promotion in Solid Waste Management.” Her role involves a 6-month placement in Bogotá, Colombia, followed by another 6 months working from the Skat Foundation office in Switzerland.

Her overseas assignment focuses on contributing to sustainable waste management initiatives in the region of Usme, while actively participating in the “Green Terrace project.” Susanna’s primary responsibilities encompass the assessment and monitoring of project data.

Having previously been engaged in various social initiatives, she has worked in the field of migration, providing support to migrant families, and has also supported the evaluation of public policies related to migration studies. Additionally, Susanna participated in raising awareness about the SDGs in schools, collaborating with Latitude 21 on these endeavors.

Susanna’s academic background includes a BA in International Relations from the University of Geneva and a MA in Social Sciences from the University of Neuchâtel.


Key work areas: Sustainable Development Goals, solid waste management, research, monitoring and evaluation.

Countries: Colombia, Peru, Switzerland.

Languages: French, Spanish, English, German.

Nationality: Swiss, Peruvian.