Karla Schlie


Karla Schlie

Associated Expert & Project Manager

Karla is an Associate Expert and Project Manager at Skat Foundation. She supports the management and is responsible for steering and overseeing specific projects in the international programme.

As project manager for water and sustainability, Karla brings more than 20 years of combined experience in various project management, coordination, and business management roles, including corporate and entrepreneurial settings, with demonstrated experience in youth empowerment.

Karla leverages her multi-disciplinary background and expertise to manage water supply projects in the international programme. She forms the bridge to the project’s implementing partners, focusing strongly on help to self-help, training of trainers, and small and medium-sized enterprise development in small communities.

Karla holds a Master of Advanced Studies in Sustainable Water Resources from the ETH Zürich and a Master of Arts and Science in Sustainable Development from the University of Basel, with a background on Computer Systems and Engineering from the ITESM, Mexico.


Key work areas: water supply, SMART Centres development, consultancy, partner management, fundraising support.

Countries: Nepal, Nicaragua, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

Languages: Spanish, English, German.

Nationality: Mexican, Swiss.