Batima Tleulinova


Batima Tleulinova

RWSN Communications & Engagement Officer (based in Kazakhstan)

Batima is the Communications and Engagement Officer of the Rural Water Supply Network. She is responsible for promoting the network’s activities and supporting its relationships with partners.

Working within the UN system, Batima focused on projects related to SDGs, sustainable finance, circular economy, plastic pollution, and more. Thanks to her experience, she possesses a versatile knowledge background and wide skillset.

Her competences include research, communications, network management, and overall project support. She is also used to working and engaging with diverse groups of stakeholders, including private companies, financial institutions, government agencies, NGOs, universities.

Batima holds an MAs in International Law from the University of St. Gallen, specialising on the role of international trade in sustainable transboundary water management. Her academic pursuits include international investment law, water security, and international development.


Key work areas: international law and policy, water resource management, sustainable finance, communications, project assistance.

Countries: Kazakhstan, Spain, Switzerland.

Languages: Russian, Kazakh, English.

Nationality: Kazakh.