Hydro Empowerment Network (HPNET)

Skat Foundation supports the Hydro Empowerment Network
The project Hydro Empowerment Network HPNET

Since 2016 Skat Foundation supports the Hydro Empowerment Network (HPNET) by providing professional competences on network development as well as on micro/mini hydropower.

HPNET is a still young and dynamically growing network, funded in 2013, currently with about 70 members in 14 countries.

Skats support comprises:

  • Recommending on the general network structure to adapt it to the rapidly increasing number of members and participating countries, to improve internal and external communication and to identify and link with strategic partners and supporters
  • Assistance in the preparation and facilitation of the Annual Gathering Nov 2016 in Kathmandu
  • Preparing and implementing in cooperation with HPNET and energypedia the “Mini-Grid Webinar Series”: Micro/Mini hydropower in the context of Grid Interconnection, Productive End Use, and Technology Differentiation”

In most South and South East Asian countries, micro and mini hydropower plays an important role

  1. for rural electrification through mini-grids and
  2. for distributed generation (connected to the main grid).

For practitioners from the whole region there is enormous potential to learn from each other through HPNET and to strengthen advocacy on micro/mini hydropower. The network helps its members to find solutions to policy, technology, social, economic and environmental challenges which include e.g. turbine and control technologies, grid interconnection, business models for sustainable operation and management, financing options, productive use of energy and catchment area protection. The clear strengths of HPNET are its demand-driven and output-focused approach and the members’ enthusiasm and motivation for exchange.